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About Me

Graphic Designer. Jewellery Maker. Marriage Celebrant. Wife. Daughter. Friend.

Karen Tai

Branding and Marketing consultant |
Client service | Creative direction | Designer

After graduating with first class honours at Curtin University and gaining over 5 years hands-on experience with various branding companies in Perth, Karen decided to quit working for someone else and start up her own freelance design company in early 2012.

With a background in corporate design, Karen has been able to expand her range of clients, ranging from the mining and resources sector, non-profit organizations, government agencies to independent small businesses – helping them create marketing strategies to transform themselves in the marketplace through visual communication and stand out against their competitors.

Being in the creative field, Karen always had an interest in diversifying her design skills by experimenting with other forms of design. What started off as curiosity to see what the When Adam met Eve logo would look like as a pair of earrings, soon became a very expensive hobby of creating laser cut jewellery and eventually grew into a side branch of the When Adam met Eve brand.

With support from the local community in Western Australia for hand crafted gifts and wares, When Adam met Eve was able to launch into the market scene in September 2012 and has hit the ground running – with international stockists and buyers from all around the world.

In late 2012, Karen came up with the idea that marrying one of her best friends would be the greatest gift she could give the couple, so she studied to get her marriage celebrant license. In May 2013, she was able to officiate her friend’s wedding and still continues to marry couples around Australia – marrying off many of her friends.

Today, When Adam met Eve is a diverse company with different demographics for each service it provides. Whatever the end product, the outcome is still the same – a high level of personal service met with honesty and integrity at an affordable cost.

About When Adam met Eve

From the beginning - what’s in a name?

When Adam Met Eve

The name ‘When Adam met Eve’ originated from a brainstorming session with a friend to come up with a unique name that was memorable and intriguing – originally to start up a blog. Being known for asking a million and one hypotheticals, Karen said to a friend one day “What do you think happened when Adam met Eve? What if Adam never liked Eve or vice versa but they would be stuck together for the rest of their lives?” And thus the name was born.

Once the name was established, the logo came naturally. With a play on the garden of Eden and the characters, the logo is playful and inviting, allowing it to fit comfortably within each business sector. With visual branding being a primary focus for When Adam met Eve, the logo needed to be friendly and memorable with companies wanting to invest in creativity and ingenuity not typical creative studios.

Over the last few years, the logo has changed and been refined with a number of different variations created for various events. This has allowed a greater marketing strategy for When Adam met Eve to expand into different markets whilst still keeping the brand integrity. Keep a look out for the Easter, Christmas and other holiday logos that pop up from time to time!


Working with When Adam met Eve

Why choose When Adam met Eve?

Here at When Adam met Eve, you can expect quality, friendly one-on-one service that is collaborative and creative - so you will know from concept to completion where your job is at.


  • Identities and branding
  • Website design
  • Marketing material
  • Annual Reports


  • Brand presence
  • Brand consistency
  • Customer relationships
  • Timelines and procedures


  • Flyers
  • Brochure
  • Catalogues
  • Business Cards


  • Business Development
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Strategies
Why use a freelance Graphic Designer?

Large companies often carry their overheads into the fees charged out to clients. Rather than paying for all the administration fees that are associated with larger agencies, hiring a freelancer is a cost-effective and more personal experience.

Independent contractors offer you flexibility at a reduced cost. If you know you will need some design work done on a temporary basis – you can assign an experienced freelancer for that project without having to worry about keeping that person on the payroll over the long-term. This allows you to hire someone with more experience at a higher rate than you’d likely be able to afford on an ongoing basis.

What should you look for in a designer?

You should feel comfortable with the designer you choose – to voice your concerns is a important role in the design process. Building a good relationship with your designer will allow the communication process to flow better which in turn means that the final outcome is produced faster and to your desired requirements. You should always look for a designer who is able to take on your criticisms and produce the style that you are looking for. A great working relationship results in a long lasting partnership between the client and the designer.

Why is branding so important?

Many companies do not employ good branding practice. Using your logo and other elements in a consistent manner will strengthen the identity of your company and create a memorable impression for the audience. Have you ever seen a purple can of coke? Large companies understand that using strong and consistent designs can create successful brands. When creating and maintaining a brand – ask yourself: is it memorable? Is it meaningful? And is it likeable?


Contacting When Adam met Eve

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It all starts with a chat. So many opportunities and possibilities can arise from starting that one conversation with that right person. Customer service is very important to When Adam met Eve so we strive to respond to emails within 48 business hours. If you haven’t gotten a response within this time, it usually means that we may have missed it – so feel free to phone us on +61 (0)403 743 808 between 9am – 5pm (WST).

T: +61 (0)403 743 808


A: PO Box 5465 Canning Vale South WA 6155