Collection: When Adam Met Eve

Creativity flows in my veins, but it was my love for all things unique and handmade that spurred me to branch into jewellery design. The idea came from the desire to help support local artists, while also giving people one-of-a-kind gifts that carried meaning and purpose.

I started designing jewellery about seven years ago not long after the When Adam Met Eve brand was born. It all began out of curiousity when I started experimenting with my logo on a pair of earrings. Soon enough, the idea exploded and I started looking at what other things I could create in the laser-cutting space. What resulted was a range of unique and quirky handcrafted jewellery pieces that carried a charming sense of individuality and emanated that “wow factor” when worn.

Fortunately, people’s love of the When Adam Met Eve jewellery range has grown to a point where I’ve been approached by local stores that want to stock my products. This is thanks to people’s growing appreciation of handcrafted pieces and the popularity of handmade markets in Perth that have provided local artisans a platform to showcase their designs.