Important things you need to know

Initial Meeting

In most cases, the wedding process and planning will be a new experience for you and your partner and understanding the legalities of a marriage ceremony can be quite daunting. In the initial meeting, I will sit down with you and explain all you need to know for your ceremony and some things to take into consideration for the day. Once you are happy with going ahead with booking me, we will fill out the necessary paperwork together and you will be required to answer a few questions for me. Once that’s all done, just leave the rest to me!

Notice of Intended Marriage Form

You need to fill out a Notice of Intended Marriage Form with me at least one month and one day prior to your wedding date. There are a few exceptions if you want to get married before the one month period but this needs to be applied for with the Births, Deaths and Marriages Department. I can advise you of the necessary procedures if this applies to you.

Getting Married Overseas?

Marriage celebrants in Australia are only allowed to officiate weddings within Australia and thus, you may want to consider signing all the legal paper work prior to leaving the country and conducting the ceremony overseas. This is typical for Bali or Fiji weddings so that you can rest assured that your marriage is registered within Australian Law.